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High-quality editing by native English speakers for researchers
wanting to publish their work in international,
peer-reviewed journals.


Are you a scientist looking for someone to edit your article? Researchers working in the sciences particularly appreciate the value of clear, well-structured writing. And you will also know what a struggle it is to achieve it. It isn’t at all easy to create an article that flows, where each paragraph leads naturally on to the next, and each section contributes to a convincing argument. Hidden assumptions and gaps in your reasoning will make it difficult for reviewers to follow your argument. Unexplained and inconsistent use of technical terms will confuse them. Poor spelling and punctuation will annoy them. A good editor can help.

International scientific publications require a high technical standard of written English. Experienced authors know this. They also know that they cannot correct their own work – simply because they have looked at it for too long. With fresh eyes, we will find your typos and correct your punctuation. For non-native speakers, the challenge is even greater. You have all the problems that native speakers have. Additionally, your native language influences your style. A good editor will standardise your syntax and vocabulary, and perfect your punctuation.

PhD students. How's it going with the writing up? Maybe you've amazed yourself. Your carefully crafted thesis proposal has melded itself into a fluent, well-structured piece of original research that you never imagined you were capable of. Or are you fiddling with the sentences, moving paragraphs around, never quite getting it right and all the time feeling like you're going round and round in circles? You're not sure whether you've explained your argument clearly enough. It doesn't really seem to flow. Your supervisor is on holiday, or sick, or at a conference. Or they have told you to stand on your own two feet and don't respond to your emails any more.

We can help you. We will check that you maintain your original research question throughout the thesis, so that you build a well-structured and convincing argument. We can spot the hidden assumptions and gaps in your reasoning, and suggest improvements to your style. And we will spot the typos.


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